Quick Meetings with Webex Personal Rooms

A Webex Personal Room is your private virtual meeting space and is the simplest way to use Webex. Your Personal Room does not need to be formally scheduled like a traditional Webex meeting, allowing you to hop in and out when you need to use it for an impromptu meeting or office hours.

Example uses of Personal Rooms

How to

To find your Personal Room link, follow the instructions below. Once you have your link, you can send it to anyone you want to meet with. Keep in mind that anyone who has the link can jump into your room. If you'll be discussing private, protected information (like student advising information) in your Personal Room, it's important to lock your room so others can't join the conversation until you allow them in. Learn more about locking your personal room here. 

1) Visit www.elon.edu/webex. Click on Access Webex. If prompted, enter your domain: elon.webex.com.

2) Click Sign In in the upper-right corner and log in with your Elon email and password. 

3) If you want to start a meeting immediately, click Start Meeting. Otherwise, copy the link to your personal room and share it with anyone you'd like to join you.








4. Follow the on-screen prompts to configure your computer for Webex. If you're new to Webex, you'll be asked to download a small application. 

Other notes: 

If a computer or Wi-Fi isn't available, participants can start and join Webex meetings via a mobile device. The Webex mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded from the Apple or Android app store. Click Sign In and enter your Elon email address. Select Elon.webex.com. 

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