Record a Presentation in Webex

Webex is a web conferencing tool that can also be used to record video presentations. The presentations can include slides, images, a virtual whiteboard and video of you. To record audio, use the built-in microphone that’s included on most laptops. If you want to include video of yourself in the recording, you’ll also need a webcam. Many laptops also include a webcam – look for the camera lens above the laptop screen.  

Webex recordings are automatically uploaded to Kaltura, a video hosting platform that integrates into Moodle. Please note: With the move to remote classes this spring, it can take up to 24 hours for recordings to appear in Webex. If you've waited over 24 hours and the video is not appearing in Webex or Moodle, please submit a Service Desk ticket by clicking on Report an Issue.

View this short video playlist to get started quickly with Webex.

WebEx playlist

Record a presentation in Webex

Kaltura will generate captions for videos a day or two after they are recorded and uploaded. These captions will not be 100% accurate and will need to be reviewed and edited for accuracy. See this article for details on editing editing captions in Kaltura.  


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