Create Webex Sessions in Moodle

Creating a scheduled Webex meeting can be accomplished in Moodle. The steps below will walk you through how to create and start the Webex meeting.

1.) In the top-left side of the header, click the green pencil icon

2.) Navigate to the topic in Moodle where you would like to add the Webex meeting and click "Add an activity or resource"

add an activity or resource

3.) Scroll down the list of activities and select the option "Webex Meeting"

WebEx Meeting

4.) In the "General" section, enter in the Meeting Name and Description

meeting name and description

5.) Enter in the meeting start date and time, expected duration, and password (if applicable)

meeting date and time, duration, and password

Please note that the "Expected Duration" is simply an estimate. It is only for informational purposes and does not effect how long the meeting can run for.

6.) Under "Additional meeting settings", there are three settings you can select which will be outlined below

additional meeting settings

  1. Allow students to download recordings
    • If checked, students will see a link to the meeting recording, which they will be able to download.
  2. Publish meeting to calendar
    • If checked, the Webex meeting will appear on the Moodle calendar for the instructor and the students in the course.
  3. Extended availability
    • If checked, the teacher can use the Webex meeting space more than once. A use case for this could be Office Hours with students.

7.) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save and display"

save and display

8.) After clicking "Save and display", you will see the details about your scheduled Webex meeting in Moodle

meeting details

9.) When you are ready to start your Webex meeting, you will click the "Host Meeting" option in Moodle

If you need to send the meeting information to someone outside of your Moodle course, you can click on the "Get external participant link" option. You will then be shown information about the Webex meeting that can be shared with others.

If you have additional questions about scheduling a Webex meeting in Moodle, please contact the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200.

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