Create Categories in the Question Bank

Categories are a simple way to organize all of the questions within your course's question bank, for example sorting questions by chapter content.


Quick Video Tutorials

View a very short walkthrough of creating categories in the question bank in a Moodle course. View more videos in the Moodle Quiz LinkedIn collection here. 


1) Open the question bank in your Moodle course

Read more on how to access the question bank.


2) Click the 'Categories' tab within the question bank

The "Categories" options is highlighted


3) Scroll to the bottom of the page to add a new category

The "Add category" configuration screen


4) Select the parent category to nest the new category within

The "Add category" configuration screen with the option to select a parent category at the top


5) Add the category name and information


6) Click 'Add category'

The "Add category" configuration screen with the "Add category" button circled


7) You can view all categories for your course at the top of the categories page

A screen with the created categories in a course


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