Virtual Office Hours with Webex

Webex can be used to host virtual office hours to meet with students and colleagues in real-time. These meetings can include audio, video, and any content on your computer screen. A Personal Room is a persistent link that can be sent to students, added to a calendar invitation, or posted in Moodle making it useful for ad-hoc meetings or scheduled meetings. Learn how to use Webex Personal Rooms. 

Note: If you prefer, Zoom can also be used for virtual office hours. Click here to learn more about Zoom. 

Good practices for virtual office hours 

  • Lock your Personal Rooms. If you use a Personal Room for student advising or any meeting that includes private protected information, be sure to lock your personal room so only invited people can join your video call. Learn more about locking your personal room here. 
  • Specify your availability. The link to your Personal Room is always the same and is always available. To prevent students from joining your room when you're not there, clearly communicate when you'll be available in your Personal Room. 
  • Alternative for limited Internet access. Participants can use a computer with Wi-Fi or a mobile device with a data connection to join a Webex meeting. Keep in mind that not all participants may have the equipment or Internet connection to participate in live, face-to-face video. Webex has an audio call in feature for the phone, removing the need for an Internet connection. 


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