Live Lectures with Webex

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Webex can be used for live, video-based instruction. The professor and students can see and hear each other and look at presentation slides and other visuals together. 

Good practices 

  • Invite your class to the meeting by adding the Webex meeting in Moodle. This makes it easy for students to find the link to join the class meeting. Learn how to add a Webex meeting to Moodle.  

  • Consider different time zones. Are you asking students to join a meeting at an unreasonable time in a different time zone? 

  • Start small. Consider hosting a short, informal Webex meeting for your first meeting. This will give you and your students a chance to check their technology and practice without the risk of missing important content. Tips for hosting a successful Webex meeting. 

  • Mute your student's audio while you’re delivering content. When you host a Webex meeting, go to the top menu bar. Click Participant then select Mute all.  

  • Encourage student participation. Students can either ask questions in the chat or they can raise their virtual hand. Pause regularly and ask for questions or call on specific students to respond to a question. Use the built-in poll feature to ask questions to check for student understanding. If students don’t have an opportunity to participate in the meeting, reconsider if this content needs to be delivered in real-time or if a recorded video would suffice.  

  • Assign a chat monitor. To help you manage the chat, consider assigning a student as the chat monitor to help bring attention to questions from the chat.  

  • If the video or audio is choppy, request students turn off their video while you’re delivering content. Turning off participant video can improve the performance of the video conference. Students can turn their video back on when needed (hosts cannot turn the video back on).  

  • Consider students with slow or no Internet connection. Webex allows students to call into a meeting with a phone. If you have students joining by only telephone, be sure to share any slides or visuals included in your presentation with those students before the meeting. 

  • Consider recording the live lecture. Any Webex meeting can be recorded and viewed later by students not able to attend the live meeting. Learn how to record a meeting in Webex and add it to Moodle. 

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