Breakout Rooms Using your Personal Room on Webex

Webex offers a Training space for breakout rooms, but if you are unfamiliar with this feature the learning curve is steeper than learning to use the personal room. We recommend the following alternative for holding breakout rooms in Webex.

  • Determine your groups ahead of time and designate a group leader
  • Ask the group leader to utilize their personal room for the group
  • Make sure the group leader has their personal room open at the designated time
    • You can post the groups/personal room web addresses in Moodle
    • Webex personal room web addresses are
  • If this is a synchronous activity and you’d like to pop into conversations, be sure your group leader keeps the personal room session open for you to join
  • Like all Webex sessions, the breakout conversation can be recorded and uploaded to Moodle


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