Share Media in Webex

Webex has several ways to view media during a Webex meeting. The media can be a video on the internet (like a YouTube video) or a video or audio file on your computer.   

The Webex app running on a computer is required to share media in your Webex Meeting. Go here for more details on Getting Started with Webex. 

The recommended way to share media

  1. Open a web browser and go to the media you want to share.  

  2. In the Webex meeting, click on the “Share Content” icon.  Image of the Share icon

  3. In the Share Content box that pops up, look for the dropdown menu in the upper-left side, and select “Optimize for motion and video. Verify the box next to “Share your computer audio” is checked. Click on the icon for the application you want to share. To share a video on the Internet, select your web browser. 

    NOTE: If you don’t see the dropdown box, please submit a ticket to the Technology Service Desk. All Elon users should have access to this feature, but there have been inconsistencies with who has access to it.

Share content window with motion and video options

4. The Webex interface will minimize to the top of your screen, and anyone in your Webex meeting will see your screen. Press play on your video or audio to being playback.

Example of YouTube video playing in Webex

NOTE: You must have ALL audio turned up, including the volume on your device, and the volume of what you’re showing, in this case YouTube. The audio loses some volume in the sharing. 

View a web video (like YouTube) while participants control the playback

This method of sharing videos is useful if you want the viewer to control the playback of the video. The video will need to be on the Internet for this method to work, and you’ll need the web address that points directly to the video file. 

Please note that multimedia sharing is not supported on all devices that can join a WebEx meeting. For example, mobile devices may not be able to view videos with this method.

1. While in a Webex meeting, navigate to “Share” in the top menu.

Share in the top menu

2. Select “Share Multimedia”

Share Multimedia in the top menu

3. Enter the URL for the media you want to share.

Enter the URL in the Share Multimedia box

4. Your video will appear in a pane with the Participants and Chat.  Close Chat and Participants and resize the window as needed. This example is a YouTube video.

Example of what the Share Multimedia looks like

View a video file on your computer

This method of sharing media is helpful if the file is on your computer and not on the Internet. However, there can be issues if the viewer does not have the proper media player installed on their computer. For this reason, please try the first method listed on this page first. 

1.  Navigate to Share Content

Click the Share Content button

2.  Select Share File

Select Share File in the Share Content Window

3.  Choose the file you want to share. This example is an MP4 file. The following file types are supported for streaming video sharing: WMV, WMA, WAV, MP3, ASF, AVI, MPG, MPEG, MOV, FLV, F4V, QT, and MP4. *MOV and QT video files cannot be shared in a Webex meeting if the installed QuickTime player cannot play them.
Example of sharing a video file


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