Temporary or New Workspaces

As offices are rearranged to encourage the health and safety of our campus, there are some things you can do to make your workspace work better for you.


  • Take your desk phone with you when you move. If you’re relocating to a different office on campus and your department allows it, we encourage you to move your desk phone to your new office, since it actually prevents the spread of germs. If a desk phone is already in the new office, swap it with yours. If your department does not allow this or if you are switching departments, let us know and report an issue.
  • You can control your phone’s forwarding and other settings online by visiting the Self-Care Portal and logging in with your AD credentials. If you need control over a different phone, let us know if you need help with your desk phone .
  • Continue using Jabber in the office. Jabber is a great tool for multitasking between computers and desk phones: control your phone, swap between your computer and desk phone – it’s up to you! Request or report an issue with Jabber.


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