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Webex is a web conferencing tool that can be used for live, video-based instruction. However, given the demands of instruction, you may need to check your attendance/participation in your WebEx meetings.  The instructions below will guide you through how to access WebEx Usage reports.

  1.  Log into your WebEx account: https://elon.webex.com/webappng/sites/elon/dashboard?siteurl=elon


  1. Open the "Insights" tab from the menu on the left.
  2. On the "Insights" page, go to your name in the upper right.  Open the drop down menu and select "My Reports"
  3. This opens a new browser window where you will be able to generate and download reports for each type of WebEx event. Select "Usage Report"

  1. You will need to select the dates for the meetings you wish to view reports about
  2. Select the video you want to view from the list
  3. This opens a detailed report about attendance that you can export, if needed.

*it does track if someone leaves and comes back. Each time they join is a separate participant report.



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