Connect your TV to Philo Edu

To watch Philo Edu on a television, use any of the following methods:

Roku & Roku-enabled Smart TVs

  1. Register your device and connect to the elonu-connect wireless network
    Smart devices like wireless printers, Smart TVs, Rokus, and gaming consoles utilize the elonu-connect wireless network, a wireless network devoted to smart devices (note: this generally doesn't include tablets or smart phones). Before you can connect to this network, you must first register your device through the MyDevices portal. Review "Configure the elonu-connect wireless network" for step-by-step instructions to register your device and connect. 
  2. After you connect, review Philo Edu's "How to set up Philo Edu on a Roku"

Connect to Computer

If you don't have a Roku or Roku-enabled Smart TV, you can connect to Philo Edu through your computer using a video connector. Review the article, "Watch Philo Edu on a TV by Using a Computer."


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