Surge Spaces and Common Technology

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In response to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements, many of the higher capacity meeting and event spaces on campus were converted to classroom spaces, also called surge spaces. Each space has been enhanced with additional equipment to meet in-person and remote classroom needs. This article covers how to utilize some of the common technology found in these rooms.

Available Technology

Technology will vary slightly for each surge space but most spaces have (at minimum) a projector/screen, a camera, and a microphone. 

Equipment You May Want to Bring

  • Laptop: Most spaces do not have an instructor computer in the room. Be sure to bring your own laptop if you want to utilize the classroom technology.
  • Adapters (for HDMI & USB): To connect to the technology in the classroom, you’ll need to be able to plug in an HDMI cord into your computer. To connect to the camera, you’ll need to be able to plug in a USB cable. If your computer doesn’t have these ports natively, you’ll need an adapter. While some of these rooms have been equipped with adapters, it’s always a good idea to bring your own as a backup.

Connecting Your Laptop

Each room has an HDMI cable and a USB cable. The HDMI cable connects your laptop to the in-room technology (projector, speakers where available, etc.) while the USB cable connects to the in-room Avaya camera. 

Utilizing the Microphone

Many rooms have microphones (some are on stands while others could be lapel mics) for voice amplification. If your room doesn't have a microphone and your space is fairly large, consider checking out an audio amplification device from Media Services

Most microphones run through the in-room technology and will be projected through the ceiling speakers. If your room has a Crestron wall panel, follow these directions to utilize the microphone:

  • To turn on the microphone, choose Microphone Volume > Wall Inputs on the Crestron display panel.
  • Look below the Creston panel at the various wall inputs and check to see which panel the microphone is plugged into (e.g., Microphone 1)
  • On the panel, you’ll need to make sure the volume is up for the microphone AND the classroom

Utilizing the Camera

If you are using the in-room camera for blended instruction, be sure the USB cord is plugged into your computer. To connect to Zoom, Webex, or Teams, explore the Blended Classrooms articles in the IT knowledge base. Be sure to also review the tips outlined in Good Practices for Combining In-Classroom and Remote Students.

Getting Help

If you need assistance or have any questions, contact the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200.


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