Tips for a Successful Webex

Tips for hosting a successful Webex meeting

  • To get started with Webex, simply visit the following URL, logging in with your Elon University email username and password:

  • Visit Test a Webex Meeting to ensure that your computer is Webex-ready with the appropriate downloads and plugins.

  • If possible, try accessing the meeting early to ensure you have enough time to connect and make any last minute adjustments to your computer, microphone, or webcam.

  • Users tend to have the best voice connection when calling from their computer.

  • When joining a meeting, you will have to manually select your call-in method (computer or phone).

  • If you want to be seen, activate your webcam by clicking the camera button near the bottom of the screen. 

  • Find a quiet space without disruption so secondary noises (dogs, nature, TV) aren’t picked up and cause excessive background noise.

  • Situate yourself so that light is on your face, not behind you. This ensures that your remote participant can see you clearly. If a bright light is behind you (like a window or lamp), your webcam may try to compensate for the bright light and your video will appear dark.

  • If you are hosting a meeting that will cover sensitive or private data, you should click the lock option to prevent anyone uninvited from joining your session. If you do not lock your room, ANYONE with your web address can join your personal room. You may want to consider using a Meeting Center room for private conversations. More information on Personal Rooms may be found on Cisco's site. If you are hosting a meeting involving students, it is recommended that you schedule the meeting and send out invitation links ahead of time.

  • Do you want to record it? If so, don't forget to hit the record button at the bottom of the screen. 


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