Upload Webex Recordings via Kaltura

If you record a meeting through Webex, the video recording is automatically uploaded to Kaltura and appears in the My Media section of Moodle. Read on to learn how to access the recordings. 

1.) From your Webex Meeting, click 'Recorder'

2.) Click the record button to begin (if given the option, select "Record in cloud")

Selecting "Record in cloud" will make the video easier to share in Moodle and elsewhere. You should only select Record on my Computer if you have a specific need for the .wrf file. 

3.) Once complete, stop the recording

4.) Now, navigate to Moodle, login, and click Dashboard -> My Media

This image shows the My Media option to upload with in Moodle

5.) Your uploaded Webex video will populate in the My Media list

Depending on the length of the video, it will take some time for it to process and appear in this location. If the video is long, this process could up to 24 hours to process.

Your uploaded WebEx video will populate in the My Media list


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