VirtualApps Mac Installation

1.) Start by visiting the Citrix Receiver website

2.) Click 'Learn More'

This image is an update about the citrix receiver

3.) Select 'Download for Mac'

This image tells you to click the download for mac button

4.) Choose 'Download Citrix Workspace app for Mac'

This image tells you to click the download citrix workspace app for mac button

5.) Open the 'Install Citrix Receiver' file

This image shows the install button

6.) Click 'Continue'

This is the install package warning

7.) Select 'Continue' 

This is an image of the citrix license agreement you have to accept

8.) Agree to the license agreement

This is confirming you agree to the license agreement

9.) Select 'Add Account' then continue

This image shows the add account checkbox

10.) Click 'Close' to complete the installation

This image shows the installation was successful.

11.) Enter the server address

This image shows where to enter the server address

12.) Login to Virtual Apps using your Elon email address ( and password for your Elon email account

This image shows where to put your username and password

13.) Click the + to add your apps to your receiver desktop

This image shows where the + mark is on the page

14.) Click All Applications then choose any application you would like to add to your Citrix Receiver Desktop

This image is the workspace desktop where you can add applications

15.) The applications that you added should now show up on your Citrix Receiver Desktop

This shows the application on your receiver desktop

Helpful Hint

Please note if you are using virtualapps off campus, you will need to use VPN


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