Troubleshoot VirtualApps

Using Google Chrome

If you try to use VirtualApps through web access in Google Chrome, you may be prompted to save the launch.ica file. If you are prompted to save this file, please follow the steps below.

1.) Choose the application that you would like to open

This image asks you to select the application you want to open.

2.) Choose the location that you would like to save the launch.ica file to - Click Save


This image asks you to select a location to save the file.

3.) Click Yes when asked "Do you want to give permission to do this?"

This image asks you to click yes to the question.

4.) You will notice that the launch.ica moves to the lower left hand side of the screen

This image shows the ICA file move to the lower left

5.) Click on the arrow and change the settings to "Always open files of this type"

VirtualApps won't load in Firefox

In some instances of Firefox, users have experienced issues with VirtualApps not loading. To correct this problem, navigate to Options -> Applications in Firefox and set the Citrix ICA Client from "Use Citrix ICA Client (in Firefox)" to "Use Citrix Connection Manager" (pictured below).
This image shows where to access the Citrix ICA Client


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