School of Law Video Teleconferencing

General Information

Elon University transmits video and audio between two or more locations over the Internet using IP (H.323) technology. Conferences can be scheduled between Elon's campuses, as well as other locations worldwide using this technology.
Our Video Conference equipment is industry standard, widely compatible, and IP based. We are sometimes asked if we can make calls to sites using Web Cameras attached to a desktop PC calls, up to 384kbps. As these devices and the software running them are not usually standards based, the connections are often unpredictable and of a very poor quality, if possible, alternatives should be found.
Law School MCU: x4889

PLEASE NOTE: Equipment is not available to entities not affiliated with the university or for personal use.

Contact Information

To set-up a video conference please contact the Law School Technology Staff:
Tony Winstead: ext. 9259

Reservations/Scheduling a Video Conference

Please contact the Law School Technology Staff to make reservations. The staff will do their best to accommodate all requests on a first- come, first- serve basis.
Reservations should always be made well in advance, but never less than 7 business days before the required date. We are available to accommodate video conference requests Monday – Friday between 8am-5pm. Special arrangements must be made for video conferences that will take place outside these times.
The requestor must provide us with the contact details of the far end technician, at least 3 working days prior to a national video conference call, and at least 6 working days prior to an international video conference call.
When contacting us, please provide the date, time, and duration of the meeting.

Available Spaces

We support the following Videoconferencing campus locations with permanently installed equipment:
· Court Room
· Rm 105
· Rm 204
· Rm 206
· Rm 207

There are also locations available on main campus as well as portable video conferencing units available for load.


The Elon University School of Law utilizes a Tandberg 1000 videoconferencing system. These typically require the remote location to also be equipped with a similar local codec system. If the remote location does not have an IP based video conferencing system, it is sometimes possible for calls to be made to users using web cams but it can often be unreliable. In these instances, it is the responsibility of that party to be know and understand their equipment.

IT Staff Responsibility

We will assist video conference users to with obtaining viewing room arrangements, understanding technical engineering provisions and supporting audiovisual equipment. IT staff will advise clients of the most suitable facilities in which to carry out the conference. We will serve as technical liaison with video conference distributors to assure compatibility with Elon's video conference equipment.

Onsite Client Responsibility

Video conference clients are responsible for reserving the space and coordinating any program arrangements.

Offsite Client Responsibility

The site we are connecting to should have an IP based videoconferencing unit. If they wish to conference from a computer based web camera, they need to be working from a standard H.323 compatible unit and program. If the user is unsure of their connection, they should contact their IT support staff.


We require testing and registration of ALL sites prior to a video conference. A test is necessary prior to a call to ensure compatibility and to provide an opportunity to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.
If a an offsite facility is unable to arrange a test, make themselves available for testing, we do not accept responsibility should a problem occur. If we discover any connectivity issues during such testing the client will be advised immediately. If the client decides to proceed with the video conference, we do not accept responsibility should a problem occur.


The user is responsible for any charges that may be incurred for the video conference. If there will be charges, you will be notified prior to the video conference and asked for an account number.


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