Assessment Factors on Postings

Assessment factors include supplemental questions, ranking criteria, and assessment criteria. The assessment factors that you can add to a posting depend on the posting form. Your organization's processes and your HR Suite configuration determine the points at which you can review and evaluate applicants on assessment factors.

Supplemental questions 

Sometimes called screening questions or minimum qualifications, these are questions for applicants. They are included on the application form. These questions allow you to pre-screen for minimum qualifications and other relevant information.

Ranking criteria 

Sometimes called evaluative criteria or interview questions, these are questions for interviewers to answer. They provide subjective assessments of applicants on specific items at specific points in the workflow.

Assessment criteria 

Sometimes called tests, exams, or hurdles, these are applicant test results and other assessments that applicants encounter in a specific order. When you add an assessment criterion to a posting, you specify what other hurdles (if any) an applicant must pass before and after it, and you assign values to the answers. Scoring is done outside the HR Suite, and scores are entered manually or imported from a spreadsheet. Some assessment criteria are judged by review boards. These are set up differently, using review board weighted scoring.  

When you create an assessment factor, you specify the scoring method but not the value of the question.

When you add an assessment factor to a posting, you set up the scoring values. Yes/no questions use fixed-amount or fixed-percentage scoring. Veterans' preference is an example. Multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions use weighted scoring. Test scores fall into this category.

You can also mark answers as disqualifying - for example, if you create a posting for a bus driver and include the supplemental question "Do you have a commercial driver's license?", you can mark "No" as a disqualifying answer. The applicant workflow can be set up to move the application to the state of System determined does not meet minimum qualifications if an applicant gives a disqualifying answer.

Civil service postings may include assessment criteria (often called tests or hurdles) that are evaluated by review boards. The requirements to set up a posting this way are:

  • The posting form must be set up to work with review boards.
  • The assessment criterion must be set up with review board weighted scoring.
  • At least one review board must be defined to evaluate applicants on this assessment criterion.
  • Each applicant must be assigned to a review board for each assessment criterion that uses review board weighted scoring.
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