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A posting represents a job opportunity within your organization, and is an effort to seat a person in a position. The person hired on the posting will be seated in the position description associated with the posting.

In place of posting, your organization may use a term such as announcementrequisitionworkforce request, or open position.

The ways in which you can work with postings depend on your permissions in the system.

Before You Create a Posting

You must know or decide these things before you create a posting:

  • What title will be given to the candidate who fills the position?
  • What unit within your organization will own the posting?
  • When should the posting be published?
  • How should you create the posting - from another posting, or from another kind of information such as a job title or position description?

In almost every case, you already have the information to answer the first three of these questions. The answer to the fourth question depends on your situation.

What Is the Best Way to Create Your Posting?

Your choice depends on how similar the new position will be to other positions within your organization. New postings copy at least some information from another source. Depending on how you create the new posting, it may copy in a great deal of information or leave almost everything blank. The following options are listed in descending order of the amount of information that is copied in. Note that your site might not offer all of these:

Create from posting - uses an existing posting as a template and automatically copies most information other than the posting number. This is a good choice when you need to backfill a position or hire more than one person into positions that are interchangeable - for example, when hiring bus drivers.

Create from position description (if available) - copies most of the information from a position description. This differs from creating a posting from another posting in allowing you to bundle two actions - creating the position description, and creating the posting to fill it - in one approval process. Creating a posting from a position description is a good choice if you need to backfill a position, fill a newly created position, or create and fill a position. Depending on how your site is configured, this may be the only way to create a posting.

Create from title (if available) - copies general information from a title. You will need to provide specific information such as the organizational unit and responsibilities. This is a good choice if the position is new within your organizational unit but your organization has employees with this title and similar responsibilities in other units. For example, if your organizational unit becomes large enough to need a desktop support person, creating the posting from a title is likely to be a good choice.

Create from position type (if available) - includes only the information that applies across the entire position type. A new posting from a position type is almost completely blank. This may be a good choice if you must create a position unlike any that currently exist.

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