Reference Collection in AppTrack

Applications and applicant documents tell you most of what you need to know about each applicant - from the applicant's own perspective. Recommendations from third parties provide additional valuable insights. The HR Suite can be configured to collect employment references during the process of evaluating applicants.

When a job seeker fills out an application, the application can request names and email addresses of reference providers. Your application forms can be set up to specify the number of references required. If the application form indicates that the reference fields are required, applicants will be unable to certify and submit their applications without providing this information.

When you create the job posting, you can specify whether references are to be collected, and if so, when this occurs and how it affects the applicant workflow.

When an applicant reaches a workflow state at which references are collected, the reference providers receive emails asking them for recommendations. Each message contains a unique link that allows the recipient to respond confidentially. The link expires when the reference provider uploads a letter of recommendation or completes the recommendation form.

Applicants are notified when recommendations are provided. The system can also send reminders if necessary.

The system can be configured to allow reference providers to submit recommendations without logging in, or to require that reference providers log in, depending on the organization's requirements.

During the applicant selection process, recommendation documents are available for evaluation along with applicant documents.


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