Work With Hiring Proposals in AppTrack


In the posting to be filled, view the applicant to be hired. When the applicant has reached the appropriate workflow state, the applicant's summary page within the posting includes at least one link to create a hiring proposal.

You can start a hiring proposal to make an offer to an applicant when the applicant reaches a specific state in the candidate workflow, if your system is set up to use hiring proposals and you have the appropriate permissions.

If your system uses position descriptions, starting a hiring proposal may also allow you to update the position description associated with the posting, if there is one.

Terms that Your Organization May Use

In place of posting, your organization may use a term such as announcementrequisitionworkforce request, or open position.

In place of applicant, your organization may use the term candidate.


To start a hiring proposal:

  1. Open your posting and view the applicant you have decided to hire.
  2. Follow the Start hiring proposal link. The next page you see depends on whether you are updating a position description while creating the hiring proposal.
  3. If this task includes updating a position description, select the appropriate position description from the list of all position descriptions within the position type.
  4. On the New Hiring Proposal page, verify the applicant's name and the posting title, and select Start hiring proposal. The button's label reflects whether the task includes updating a position description.
  5. Provide all information required on the hiring proposal editing page, such as the offer date and anticipated start date, starting salary, and reason for hiring this candidate. If you need to navigate away from this page to check information, select Save. When you are ready to return to the hiring proposal, select Hiring Proposals and locate your hiring proposal from the list. Hiring proposals are listed by the applicant's name.
  6. Select Next to save your changes and view the summary of the hiring proposal.

For hiring proposals that also update position descriptions: When you save your changes and the hiring proposal is complete, this applicant becomes an employee in the HR Suite; the applicant's information is copied into the position description and the posting is filled.

For hiring proposals that do not update position descriptions: If the information in the hiring proposal is correct and complete, you will need to move it to the next workflow state - typically, an approval step.

To approve a hiring proposal or move it in the workflow:

  1. If the hiring proposal is not already open, locate and open it as follows:
  2. In the APPLICANT TRACKING module, open the Hiring Proposals menu and select the appropriate position type. A list of hiring proposals opens. They are listed by applicant name.
  3. Follow the link to the hiring proposal for the applicant of interest. The hiring proposal opens to its summary page.
  4. Open the Take Action on Hiring Proposal menu and move it to the appropriate workflow state. A confirmation box opens.
  5. If required, provide an explanation for moving the applicant to this workflow state.
  6. Select Submit to move the hiring proposal to the selected workflow state, or Cancel to leave it in the original workflow state.

Your organization's process determines how the offer is generated and presented to the applicant.


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