Evaluate Applicants on Assessment Factors


In the APPLICANT TRACKING MODULE, the Postings menu provides access to postings by position type. Locate and open the posting of interest and follow the link to the Applicants tab to see applications, résumés, cover letters, assessment factors, and references.

The three types of assessment factors are supplemental questions, ranking criteria, and assessment criteria.

Terms that Your Organization May Use

In place of supplemental questions, your organization may use a term such as screening questions or minimum qualification questions.

In place of ranking criteria, your organization may use a term such as evaluative criteria or interview questions.

In place of assessment criteria, your organization may use a term such as tests or hurdles. The set of assessment criteria may be called an exam plan.

In place of posting, your organization may use a term such as announcementrequisitionworkforce request, or open position.

In place of applicant, your organization may use the term candidate.


Although the procedures for setting up assessment factors on a posting are very similar, you work with them in different ways after they are set up.

To review applicants' answers to supplemental questions:

  1. View the applicants who have applied to the posting.
  2. Check the box at the top of the list to select all applicants.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Review Supplemental Question Answers. This presents the statistical breakdown of how the applicants answered each question.
  4. To see which applicants gave a particular answer to a question, follow the link associated with the answer. The question detail page presents the list of applicants who gave this answer.Example: Your posting includes the supplemental question "Do you have a Red Cross first aid certification?" and the possible answers are YesNo, and Expired. Of the eight applicants, three answered yes.
    When you review applicants' answers, the bar graph for this question includes a row for each answer. To see which three applicants answered yes, follow the link at Yes. The link itself states the number and percentage of applicants who answered the question this way.
  5. From this page you can view the application and attached documents provided by each applicant listed.
  6. If there was more than one supplemental question on this posting, select Next to page through the questions; or open the Actions menu and select Show all questions to return to the main statistical breakdown page.

See a list of applicants who answered a specific question in a specific way:

  1. Review applicants' answers to supplemental questions.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Search Answers.
  3. Set up the search by selecting:
    • The supplemental question of interest
    • The answer of interest
    • Whether you want to see people who gave this answer (Include) or any answer except this one (Exclude).
  4. Select Search. The system presents a list of people who answered in the way you specified.

To review or respond to ranking criteria:

  1. Open the desired posting.
  2. Follow the Applicants link to view the applicants who have applied to the posting.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Evaluate Applicants. The evaluation page presents a link for each workflow state that has associated ranking criteria.
  4. Follow the link to the workflow state of interest. For each applicant, all the ranking criteria for the current workflow state are presented.
  5. Answer the ranking criteria questions for the applicant(s) of interest. Ranking criteria may be questions with defined answers that you can select from a list, or open-ended questions that you answer by typing in the text box. 
  6. To see applicants' ranking criteria scores at all workflow states, follow the link to View Detailed Entries. The page presents each applicant's score at each workflow state with ranking criteria.
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