Find Your Way on the AppTrack Site

The Home Page

This is the page you see when you log in. It presents a dashboard that provides access to:

  • Announcements - these may be information-only or alerts.
  • Items that need your attention - summary views of your inbox and Watch List are available on the home page.
  • Links to pages and saved searches that you use often.

Features on All Pages

Some items are available anywhere in your site. Others are only available in certain areas or to people with certain permissions on the site. No matter where you are in the site, the following items are always available:

  • Header - logo and other graphics, your login information.
  • Navigation bar - tabs that provide access to the main areas of the user interface.
  • Footer - the information that may be placed at the bottom of the page.
  • Work area - the portion of the screen that presents controls for different tasks, and differs from page to page.

In addition, some pages include breadcrumb navigation - for example, Applicants / Anita Jobs tells you that the current page presents applicant information about Anita Jobs. In many cases, the breadcrumb navigation includes at least one link.

How Pages Are Organized

Most tabs provide access to lists of similar items - for example, postings, supplemental questions, or applicants. Some kinds of information are organized by position type. On the tabs where you access these kinds of information, you must select the appropriate position type from the tab menu.

On pages that present lists of similar items, typically these things are true:

  • A check box is associated with each item to allow you to select more than one at a time for bulk operations.
  • An Actions control on the list page presents a menu of bulk operations and general actions.
  • The name of each item in the list is a link that opens the summary view.
  • If present, the Take Action control on an item's summary page presents a menu of actions you can take on the item.
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