Select Applicants in AppTrack

After you identify which applicants should be interviewed and which should not be considered for the position, they should be moved to the appropriate workflow states. Your organization's process determines when this takes place and who should do it.


Work with applications and applicants from the posting of interest.


To select an applicant for interview or remove the applicant from consideration:

  1. View the application of interest.
  2. From the Take Action on Job Application menu, select the appropriate action:
    • The action to select an applicant to interview may be called something like Selected for interview (Move to Schedule for interview) - the names of the transition and resulting workflow state are both given.
    • The action to remove the applicant from the selection process may be called something like Not Hired (Move to Not Hired).
  3. If the confirmation box prompts you for a reason, select the reason that best explains why you are moving the applicant to this workflow state.
  4. Select Submit to move the applicant to the selected workflow state, or Cancel to leave the applicant in the original workflow state.

To move a group of applicants to a new workflow state:

  1. From the list of all applicants on the posting, check the boxes associated with the applicants of interest.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Move in Workflow. The Editing Workflow States page opens.
  3. For each applicant listed on the editing page, select the new workflow state.
  4. If required, select the reason that best explains why you are moving the applicant to this workflow state.
  5. When you have moved all applicants to the appropriate workflow states, select Save Changes to update them, or select Cancel to leave the page without moving any applicant to a new workflow state.

Your HR Suite may be configured to send email messages to applicants who are selected for interviews, those who are removed from the selection process, or both. The way your system is configured also controls when these messages are sent.


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