Use the Watch List in AppTrack


Your watch list is always accessible from the header area of each page. Individual postings present links to watch or stop watching.

Your watch list allows you to follow the progress of postings that you are interested in.

The home page presents a view of your watch list. You can also access your watch list from any page in the system through the watch list link in the header area of the screen.

By default, each posting that you create is placed on your watch list. You can also choose to watch other postings. When a posting is filled or canceled, it is automatically removed from your watch list. You can also choose to stop watching a posting at any time.

If you own a posting in its current state - if you are responsible for the next action, or able to carry it out - you can start the task from the watch list. You may need to change to a different active group to activate the permissions you need for the task; if so, the task includes that information.

If a posting enters a state that your permissions do not allow you to see, it will not appear on your watch list even if you have been watching it.

Terms that Your Organization May Use

In place of posting, your organization may use a term such as announcementrequisitionworkforce request, or open position.


To access your watch list:

Go to the Home page, or select the watch list link in the header area of the screen.

To work with items on your watch list:

Select the posting on your watch list to view it. The posting opens as if you had accessed it from the Postings tab. See Working with Postings for more information on what you can do from this page.

To add a posting to your watch list:

Locate the posting of interest and select the Watch link associated with it. The posting is added to your watch list.

If you are not sure you want to watch a posting, open it for viewing. You can select the Watch control on the posting summary page to add this posting to your watch list.

To remove a posting from your watch list:

  1. On your watch list, locate the posting you want to stop watching.
  2. From the Actions menu associated with the posting, select Stop Watching. The posting is removed from your watch list.


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