Work with Pool Applicants in AppTrack


In the APPLICANT TRACKING MODULE, the Pools menu provides access to pools by position type. Locate and open the pool to see details and applicant information.

Terms that Your Organization May Use

In place of pool, your organization may use a term such as master record.

In place of applicant, your organization may use the term candidate.


To access pools:

  1. In the APPLICANT TRACKING module, open the Pools menu and select the appropriate position type. The list of pools for that position type opens.
  2. Follow the link to open the pool of interest.
  3. To ensure that you review only current applicants, refresh the pool: Select the Applicants tab, open the Actions menu, and select Expire stale applications. All applications that have been inactive for longer than the expiration period are removed from the pool.

To review pool applicants: 

  1. Locate and view the desired pool.
  2. Select the Applicants tab to see and work with the list of applicants to this pool.
  3. Do one of these things:
    • To review applicants one at a time, follow the link to the information about the applicant of interest. That person's application summary opens.
    • To review several applicants' documents together:
      • Select the applicants of interest. From the main Actions menu, select Download Applications as PDFs. A document selection dialog box opens.
      • Select the types of applicant documents you want to include, and select Submit. The system generates a PDF file that includes documents for all selected applicants.
    • To review several applicants' answers to supplemental questions together:
      • Select the applicants of interest. From the main Actions menu, select Review Supplemental Question Answers. This presents the statistical breakdown of how the applicants answered each question.
      • To see which applicants gave a particular answer to a question, follow the link associated with the answer. The question detail page presents the list of applicants who gave this answer.

To email pool applicants:

  1. From the pool's Applicants tab, use the checkboxes to select one or more applicants to email.
  2. From the main Actions menu, select Email selected pool applicants. The Email Applicants page opens.
  3. Select the appropriate email template from the list, and select Preview. The system displays an example of the email that will be sent.
  4. Select Send Emails. The system generates and sends the messages.
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