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You can access some requisitions from your inbox or your watch list. From either of these places, you can open a requisition for viewing or editing using the appropriate control.

When you have a position to fill, you create a posting. If requirements change, you may need to edit the posting. Depending on your role in the organization, you may sometimes need to approve postings created by others or move them to other workflow states.

Terms that Your Organization May Use

In place of posting, your organization may use a term such as announcementrequisitionworkforce request, or open position.

In place of supplemental questions, your organization may use a term such as screening questions or minimum qualification questions.

In place of ranking criteria, your organization may use a term such as evaluative criteria or interview questions.

In place of assessment criteria, your organization may use a term such as tests or hurdles. The set of assessment criteria may be called an exam plan.


To access and view postings that are not in your inbox or watch list:

  1. In the APPLICANT TRACKING module, open the Requisitions tab and select the appropriate position type. The list of postings for that requisition opens.
  2. Locate the posting of interest. You may choose to use some of the search tools available to help you locate it.
  3. Follow the link to view the summary page of the posting.

If a posting is in a state that your permissions do not allow you to see, it will not appear in the search results.

To create a posting:

  1. Select Create a New Requisition. A dialog box presents your choices for how to create the posting.
  2. Select the way you want to create the new posting. Your choices may include creating it from a title, or existing posting. The page that opens next depends on your selection.
  3. Locate the item that you wish to use as the basis for the new posting.
  4. Optional: Follow the link to the item's summary page to be certain it is the item you want to use. The summary page opens in a separate browser tab, which you can close when you are ready to continue.
  5. Select the desired item, open the Actions menu, and select Create From. The new posting form opens to the Settings page.
  6. At a minimum, provide a posting title and the information to locate the position in the organizational tree.
  7. Select Create New Posting to save your work and continue to work on the posting; or select Cancel to return to the list of postings without saving your changes. If you create the posting, follow the editing instructions to add all the required information.

If you need to specify a hiring manager for this posting, and this person has been assigned the Hiring Managers group permission within the past hour, the name might not be included on the list of hiring managers. If you encounter this situation, open the posting again later. You will be able to add the new hiring manager within an hour.

To edit a posting:

If this is a posting that you have just created, skip the first two steps.

During editing, the tab where you are working is highlighted in the navigation area on the left. Blue check marks indicate tabs where all required information has been entered.

  1. Access postings for the appropriate position type, then view the posting of interest. The summary page opens.
  2. Select Edit to open the posting for editing.
  3. On each tab, add or change any information necessary. The information on the form and the way it is organized both depend on how your organization's postings form is designed. Information commonly available on postings includes:
    • Posting details - includes information such as the posting title and number, open and close dates for the posting, duties and qualifications, and salary.
    • Screening questions (supplemental questions) and interview questions (ranking criteria) - Screening or supplemental questions are objective and may determine whether the applicant moves forward in the selection process. Interview questions or ranking criteria are objective and may measure the applicant against other applicants. Select or create the questions you need. Use the text field to number them in the order you want them to appear.
    • Applicant documents - Specify the documents that applicants may submit; and of these, indicate which are required to complete an application.
    • Guest users - If necessary, set up a guest user account that can be shared by people who do not have profiles in the HR Suite, so they can participate in the selection process effectively. The login credentials will be emailed to everyone whose email address you provide.
    • Search committee members - Specify search committee members and identify the one who chairs the search committee.
    • Some postings may also include tabs for review boards and assessment criteria.
  4. Use the Previous and Next controls to move through the tabs of the posting.
  5. Select Save before you navigate away from the posting.

To see different views of the posting, including printable views:

Access and view the posting of interest. From this page, you can:

View the settings for this posting - The Settings tab shows the location of the position on the organizational tree and its workflow settings.

View the history of this posting - The History tab shows a list of changes made to this posting since it was created. Depending on your privileges, you may be able to add notes. Information includes:

  • When the posting was created and who created it.
  • What has changed in the posting since it was created and who made each change. Changes have time stamps.
  • How the posting has moved through the workflow, how long it remained in each state, and who completed each workflow task. Workflow state changes have time stamps.
  • Notes in connection with any of these, and information about who added each note. Notes have time stamps.

See how Posting looks to Applicant - Follow this link to preview the posting the way it will appear on the applicant portal.

Print Preview (Applicant View) - Follow this link to preview a printable view of the posting as it will appear on the applicant portal. This view is suitable for posting on a public bulletin board, for example.

Print Preview - Follow this link to preview a printable view of the complete posting. This view includes information that would not be available to applicants.

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