Colleague Issues with Firefox

Beginning with Firefox version 52, some users experience issues with Firefox regarding various plugins such as Java, Silverlight, and Adobe Acrobat.

What happens?

Many users have reported to the Service Desk issues accessing Colleague because the Silverlight plugin does not load, preventing access to Colleague.

What's it look like?

The error messages received look like the following:
Example of the Silverlight error in Firefox          Another example of the Silverlight error in Firefox.

Why does this happen?

Firefox determined that many plugins such as mentioned above can slow browser performance. As a result, Firefox has decided to no longer support browser plugins since many web pages no longer need them.

What can I do to fix this?

Elon University is transitioning to a new interface for Colleague. This version does not require the use of the Silverlight plugin. To resolve Silverlight issues, please access Colleague through the New Colleague Interface. Although the look is different, all Colleague functions should remain the same.


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