Clickers for Students

How do I purchase a clicker?

You can buy a TurningPoint clicker and license from the Elon University Bookstore or directly from Turning Technologies.

If you already have a clicker device:

It's recommended to purchase the license directly from Turning Technologies. To do so, you'll need to create a Turning Account first by clicking on the Registration link in your Moodle course. Once you created the account, you'll have an option to purchase a license.

If you don't currently have a clicker:

You can buy a clicker and license bundle from the Elon Bookstore or directly from Turning Technologies. To purchase from the bookstore, order it like you do your textbooks, through OnTrack. ISBN numbers are below.

What clicker should I buy?

Elon is standardizing on one model of clicker, so a clicker that you buy in one class will work for any other class. If you don't have a clicker, you should purchase a bundle that includes a physical clicker and a license. If you already have a clicker, or if your instructor allows you to use your mobile device in class, you can purchase only the license. Check your course syllabus about the specific license your instructor recommends buying.

TurningPoint LCD Clicker with 1-year license bundle. TurningPoint LCD clicker with 2-year license bundle TurningPoint Cloud license-only with no physical clicker
TurningPoint LCD clicker with 1-year license bundle
ISBN: 9781934931684
TurningPoint LCD clicker with 2-year license bundle
ISBN: 9780692508220
TurningPoint Cloud license-only for 1-year (no physical clicker)
(IMPORTANT: students can use the license with their mobile device or laptop)

How do I register a clicker?

Review the instructions to register your clicker in your course. In the search box, enter Elon University.

Who do I contact for help with my clicker?

For technical assistance with clickers, contact TurningPoint at 866.746.3015 (8am - 9 pm EST).


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