AT&T Global Mobile Phone Rates

This page contains information about the various packages available with AT&T for Elon University-owned mobile devices in regards to international travel. Please note that rates are subject to change. For up-to-date pricing and pricing for Pay-Per-Use rates, please visit AT&T's Passport Packages page. Travel to countries not covered by AT&T's Smartphone Packages are subject to Pay-Per-Use rates applicable to talk, text, data, and Wi-Fi connections. To see if your travel destination is covered, please visit Countries Included in AT&T's Passport Packages.

A one-month minimum is required for all listed packages. Outside of available countries, pay-per-use rates apply. Additionally, iMessages on iPhones consume cellular data and are not considered text messages. To send text messages from iPhones, navigate to Settings -> Messages and toggle iMessage to 'Off.'


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