Troubleshooting Syncplicity on a Windows Device

There are differences that may occur during installation of Syncplicity that aren't problems but just different from the 'norm'.

NOTE: If you experience something other than what you see here and cannot continue please call 336-278-5200.

1.) Download the Syncplicity Installer by downloading the attachment sync.bat on the right side of this page underneath 'Details'

The following may appear:

  1. Syncplicity may have determined you need .net installed and it will proceed with a white window.
  2. There will be a series of windows asking you to accept the agreement and continue with the installation. Please leave all default and just conctinue through until it is complete.

From there, continue with the following steps:

2.) Identify your account by entering your Elon email, check 'Login using corporate account' and click 'Login

You will not be able to enter a password on this screen.

3.) Select all folders listed and click 'Next'

These are the default locations Syncplicity backs up to the cloud.

4.) Click 'Next' (Don't worry about changing the information on this screen)

5.) Now, you can walk through the tutorial for Syncplicity or click 'Next' to finish the installation

6.) You can now access Syncplicity by clicking the circled icon in the lower right-hand corner of your computer's toolbar


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