Install Syncplicity on a Windows Device

Getting started with Syncplicity will enable you to safely and securely back up your important Elon-related files to the cloud.

NOTE: If you experience something other than what you see here and cannot continue please call 5200 or read about troubleshooting Syncplicity installation on Windows devices.

1.) Download the Syncplicity Installer by downloading the attachment sync.bat on the right side of this page underneath 'Details'

If your computer has the Windows 10 operating system, you should save the file to your desktop. Right-click the file and make sure to select 'Run as Administrator.'

2.) Verify your Elon email address and the check box is checked. IF your email is not in there just type it in and press ok.

The initial login page shows the email address field (marked with a 1); the "login using corporate account" box (marked with a 2); and the login button (marked with a 3)

You will not be able to enter a password on this screen.

3.) A second window will open asking you to login to an Elon page

  • Just enter your username and password in those fields and hit enter.

4.) Select all folders listed and click 'Next'

Select the folders in the popup screen you wish to sync to your computer

These are the default locations Syncplicity backs up to the cloud.

4.) Click 'Next' (Don't worry about changing the information on this screen)

This is a picture of the configuration screen confirming your computer name and syncplicity file folder location.

5.) Now, you can walk through the tutorial for Syncplicity (1) or click 'Next' (2) to finish the installation

An image of the tutorial screen, #1 corresponds to the skip tutorial link and #2 corresponds to the Next button.

6.) You can now access Syncplicity by clicking the circled icon in the lower right-hand corner of your computer's toolbar

An arrow pointing to the Syncplicity icon in the task bar


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