Use Syncplicity to Share Your Files

Do you have work files you need to share with other Elon faculty or staff? The process is incredibly easy when using Syncplicity's web access.

Sharing a file

1.) Right-click the file or folder you wish to share and click 'share link'

2.) If you wish to apply protection, select the protection you require, set an expiration date for the link, and click 'Generate Link'

This image shows the available permissions for sharing work, including requiring recipients to login or use a password.

3.) Now, choose to email the link or copy the link to paste somewhere else

This is an image of what the shared link might look like.

If you copy the link, it will be added to your clipboard. Set your cursor into the location where you wish to paste the link, and press CTRL+V to paste the link into the selected location.

4.) If you email the link, enter any email addresses you want to receive the link (Syncplicity will even search your address book for contacts!)

This image shows what it looks like when you add a user as a recipient.

5.) If you wish to fill out a message, do so, and click 'Send'

This image is what the share link window looks like when you have completed all the other steps.

6.) Congratulations! Your link has been shared!

Managing shared files

You can see information about shared documents by clicking the 'shared links' option under 'files':

This image shows you can manage shared links by clicking Files and then shared links.

This is an image of the screen used to manage shared files, showing the ability to copy the link (marked 1); the ability to disable the link (marked 2); the column for those you have shared the link with (marked 3); and finally the last column shows how many times a shared file has been downloaded (marked 4).

  1. Click this button to copy the link for a shared file.
  2. Click this button to disable the link for a shared file.
  3. This column, currently filled with dashes, displays the names of those you have shared the file with.
  4. This column, currently showing 0, shows how many times a shared file has been downloaded.


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