Install the PrintMessenger Driver for Digital StoreFront

  This service is currently available to Faculty and Staff Only.
  The PrintMessenger driver is not required to use Print Services. Users may choose to log in and submit their projects to Print Services via their Digital StoreFront website.
  Both Mac and Windows users with an older version of the driver must uninstall the older driver before upgrading. As with any uninstall or install, please save your work prior to initiating the process, just in case the computer requires a reboot.

Mac Instructions

  Some Mac users may receive an error message stating "You Cannot Open The Application Print Messenger Because Power PC Applications Are No Longer Supported." Currently, newer Macs are using Power PC, which is not compatible with the current system. I&CT is currently working on a fix for this problem. In the meantime, users should be able to log into Print Services and see an 'Upload Documents' option in the middle of the page. You can click on this and should be able to continue your work as normal.

1.) Visit the Print Services Digital StoreFront website and login to the site

2.) Click on the Mac driver in the left hand side of the screen

This is an image of the Digital StoreFront login page.

3.) Upon selection of the driver, it will ask if to open with or save the file - choose Save and click OK

This is an image of the prompt to save the dmg file.

4.) The PrintMessenger icon will appear on the desktop, so double click on the icon to start the install

This is an image of the driver icon.

5.) The PrintMessenger window will open, so double click on the PrintMessenger icon

This is an image of the PrintMessenger icon you should double-click.

If you have a printer queue already named PrintMessenger, you must uninstall the old software prior to installation of the new software:

  1. Click Uninstall from the dropdown menu then click Uninstall to remove the old software and printer.

  2. Once the uninstall is finished or if you did not have a printer queue already named PrintMessenger, select PrintMessenger from the dropdown menu and click Install. Once you click Install, the files should start copying.

6.) Click continue to end the installation. You should now see a printer called Digital StoreFront in your list of printers.

This is an image of a correctly installed PrintMessenger driver.

Windows Instructions

1.) Type 'add or remove programs' in the search bar of Windows

2.) Look for a program called PrintMessenger. If it is listed, select the item, and choose uninstall or remove.

3.) Once the Printmessenger application is removed or if PrintMessenger was not listed, visit the Print Services Digital StoreFront website to download the driver

4.) Select the Windows driver in the left hand side of the screen.

This is an image of the Digital StoreFront login site.

5.) Upon selection of the driver it will ask if to save or run. Choose Run.

6.) This will initialize the installation of the driver and ask if it is safe to continue. Choose run again.

7.) Accept the terms of the agreement, if you agree, and continue through the prompts until the installation is complete.

Troubleshooting and Additional Assistance

  • If the process fails or an error message occurs during printing or installation, you may contact the Technology Service Desk for further assistance at 336-278-5200.
  • Mac users: If PrintMessenger (shows as 'Digital Storefront' upon installation in printer) says you are using an old driver, this means the installation of the old drivers wasn't completed prior to installing the new driver. You can not simply delete the driver from printers available. You must first uninstall the old driver and then re-install the new driver. Go back to install the printmessenger.dmg and when the drop down appears with the driver, select uninstall from the drop down menu.
  • Windows users:
    • If you are printing to the Digital Storefront printer, and you receive an error message saying that you could not access the https, this means that the driver was not completely uninstalled prior to installing the newer version. Uninstall the old driver and re-install the new driver.
    • Windows does NOT require you to upgrade the driver in order to use print services through your print drivers on your local machine. The old driver will continue to work, but it has limited functionality. In order to get full functionality of the upgraded server, you must uninstall the old program (not deleting from printers and faxes) prior to installing the new.


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