Graduate Student Enrollment Deposit Payments

1.) Visit and click OnTrack for Applicants

2.) Login with your username and password

3.) Click Admission Status

4.) Click on the Pay Enrollment Deposit button, which will redirect and log you into the deposit payment site

The Pay option will only show if your current status is admitted.

If you have an issue with the login process to the payment site, make sure the payment site is not currently loaded in another window or tab. This might keep you from getting logged in. Try closing all browser windows and starting over with a new OnTrack session.

5.) Click on the Deposits tab

You do not need to worry about having any activity. Paying your deposit will be your first account activity. Another helpful hint, if your session times out or you are being asked to log into your Elon Student Account Suite then you need to close this window and start over from Step 2 on OnTrack.


6.) Choose the term you're wanting to pay for

7.) Select the deposit payment type from the drop down box and then click Select

  • Freshmen, transfers and re-admits should choose the UG-Commuter or UG-Resident deposit

  • Law school applicants should choose the Law Deposit

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy applicants should choose the DPT Deposit

  • Interactive Media applicants should choose the I-Media Deposit

The Housing Deposit type is ONLY for returning undergraduate students.


8.) Once you’ve chosen a deposit payment type, it will bring in the amount associated with that type (except for law deposits). Click on Make Deposit Payment.

  • Law school applicants should key in one of the following amounts, $200.00, $400.00 or $600.00, once they click on the Law Deposit payment type.

9.) Select a Payment Method by choosing to pay by electronic check or credit card

The last 4 digits of the student ID are needed on this form. The student ID can be found on the OnTrack Admissions Status screen.


10.) You will receive a payment confirmation

11.) Logout

Email confirmation

You will receive an email message from the Bursar’s office (, an example is below.
This is an automated message to confirm that your payment has been submitted.
Please note that this payment is subject to approval and final verification.
======== PAYMENT DETAILS ========
Student Name — [ Test Student ] Student Account — [ UG Resident ] Term — [ Fall 2009 ] Payment Method — [ xxxxxxxxx2222 ] Amount — [ $500.00 ] =================================


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