Add Office 365 Email on a Mobile Device - Gmail client

Due to variances in the Android operating system, your screen may look different from the pictures below.

1.) Open the Gmail app and under 'Set up email' select 'Exchange and Office 365'

This is the setup screen for email on an Android where you select Exchange and Office 365.

  • If you have already configured an email account, tap 'Add another email.'
  • This is an image of the screen where you can tapp Add Another Email

2.) Enter the email used in your O365 account under 'Add your email address'.

  • If there is a field asking for "Domain\username" please enter your email address in this field also.

This is an image of the screen where you add your email address.


3.) Enter your password

  • Allow the page to refresh.

4.) Enter into the server field

  • Allow the page to refresh again.

5.) Congratulations! 

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