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This walkthrough demonstrates how to access Elon University's Digication site, assuming you do not use the direct link: https://elon.digication.com/

1.) Log into your Elon email account

2.) Click the Apps icon in the top-right corner of the page

An image where the Apps icon is circled.

3.) Click 'More'

An image where the More option is circled.

4.) Scroll down past 'Even more from Google'

An image with text telling you to scroll down even further past the "Even more from Google" text.

5.) Click 'Digication'

An image where Digication is circled.

Special Note

If you have not logged into Digication before, you'll be prompted to accept their terms and conditions. Once you do this, your account will be fully created.


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Digication is a simple and straightforward online application that enables you to archive and share your academic work and reflections through the creation of one or more online portfolios.