Digital Signage: Managers and Posting information

Digital Signage Contacts

To post your digital poster to a sign on campus you will need to submit your request to the manager of that sign. Below is a list of the signs on campus and the person whom manages each sign.

Alamance Registrar
Manager: Nicole Jones

Belk Library
Manager: Alison Van Norman - 1st Floor

Center For the Arts
Manager: Patti Gibbons

Duke - Second Floor
Manager: Tracey McBane

Global Commons Lobby
Manager: Megan Stanfield
This sign has special dimensions. (See Below)

Gray Pavillion
Manager: Melissa McBane

Clohan Hall
Manager: Casey Claflin

Koury Business Center Lobby and Second floor:
Manager: Nicole Filippo

Koury Fitness Center
Manager: Tiara Malcom

Lindner Hall
Manager: Patti Gibbons

McEwen Communications
Manager: Colin Donohue

McMichael Science
Manager: Patty Rooney

Manager: Jennifer Strange

Please follow the instructions on the following page:

Digital Sign Creation

There are 3 types of digital signs on Campus. Below you will find information for each type.
Please note: Signage may be submitted in the JPG file format, PNG file format or PowerPoint (below you will find information about each).

When creating your digital sign please leave space at the top, bottom, right and left, as some monitors cut off more than others. A safe margin is .25 inches.

Short Format:

Sign Locations: Koury Business Center, Registrar,  Arts West Music, Psychology and Human Services, Athletics Field house

Size in PowerPoint:
Width: 12.78 inches
Height: 8.3 inches

Size in Photoshop:
Width: 1227 pixels
Height: 797 pixels
dpi: 72

Wide Format:

Sign Locations: Center For the Arts, Lindner, McEwen, Moseley Center(Entrances, Irazu, Octagon), Clohan Hall, McMichael, Koury Business Center, Powell (second floor), Belk Library, Law School, Gray Pavillion, Koury Fitness Center(Campus Rec), Mooney, Francis Center

Size in PowerPoint:
Width: 20 inches
Height: 11.25 inches

Size in Photoshop:
Width: 1920 pixels
Height: 1080 pixels
dpi: 72

Global Commons:

Size in PowerPoint:
Width: 11.25 inches
Height: 13.76 inches

Size in Photoshop:
Width: 1080 pixels
Height: 1321 pixels
dpi: 72

Global Commons Great Hall:

To change photos, add content for a weekend event (Homecoming, Family Weekend, etc.), please contact Jodean Schmiederer at If you only need to display for a couple of hours (e.g., for a class or guest speaker), you may use the computer connection points with a laptop and request assistance through Event Support (ext. 6598).


Uploading Content

Authorized users can update content on the digital signage through a shared drive or the Visix web portal.  Information on the process to be used was provided to the authorized user when granted access.  Please check your email for provided instructions.

Map Network Drives on a Windows Device

Map Network Drives on a Mac

Visix Web Portal




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