PrintKey 2000 Install and Information for Colleague

This is for general use. Feel free to point users to the following link: \\homedir\dept\cts\share\technicians\installers\printkey.


PrintKey 2000 (aka PrintKey) is the printscreen application used in conjunction with the Colleague GUI. It is activated when you press the PrintScreen Key and allows you to capture the entire screen or any portion of it. You can then make changes to the screen capture and save in a variety of formats including .gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .emf and .wmf. By default, it is set to send the printed screen directly to the user's default printer.

PrintKey requires zero configuration. Only installation. There is an installer of the PrintKey application located here: \\homedir\dept\cts\share\technicians\installers\printkey

It will error out on a 64bit system because the shortcut anticipates a 32bit system and creates the shortcut to point only to program files folder instead of program files (x86).
The install will complete properly but you have to go to the shortcut created in 'all programs' startup, printkey2000 icon. Just right-click on it and select properties.
Change the link to go to 'program files (x86)' rather than just 'program files'.

This program is ancient and may not continue to work in the future and a commercially available program may need to be purchased in the future. This application is not supported anymore and we do not own licenses for future upgrades and anything more will need to be a departmental purchase. but while it continues to work there is no license required for it.


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