How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Note to University Email

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1.) Press the 'Settings' app

The Galaxy homescreen with the Settings app circled and an arrow pointing to it.

2.) From the left toolbar, press 'Add account'

An image with the Add Account option circled and an arrow pointing to it.

3.) From the Add account window, press 'Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync'

An image with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync circled and an arrow pointing to it.

4.) Enter your email address and password (1) and press 'Next' (2)

An image with the email address and password labeled 1 and the next option labeled 2.

5.) Fill out the screen with the appropriate information (Please see bullets for additional information) and press 'Next'

An image of the server settings screen.

  • Your Domain/username should appear as: \
  • For password, enter your Elon email password
  • For Exchange Server, enter
  • Be sure 'Use secure connection (SSL)' is checked

6.) Press OK

An image with a warning page you should tap OK on.

7.) Choose your options and click 'Next'

An image of the account options screen.

8.) Press 'Activate'

An image of the active device screen.

9.) Assign the account a name, if desired and click 'Done'

An image of the screen you can name your account on.


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