How to Add a Video to Moodle Using Kaltura

Adding a video into your Moodle course is now easier than ever. Instructors have two choices of how their videos will be displayed in Moodle; either directly on the course homepage or on a separate page. In fact, instructors can insert videos anywhere in a Moodle course where there is a text box. Students, however, are only allowed to submit videos through either assignments or forums.

If you would like the video to display directly on your course homepage, add the video in through a Label.

If you would not like the video to display directly on your course homepage, but instead have students click off of the main course homepage to view it, add the video through a Page.

If you are a student submitting a video as an assignment in Moodle, go directly to Step 3. Please note students may only submit videos as assignments or in forums.

1.) Enter your Moodle course and click 'Add an activity or resource' in the topic where you would like the video to display

An image with the add an activity or resource link circled.

2.) Choose 'Label' if you would like the video to show on the main course page.  Choose 'Page' if you would like the video to show on a separate page. 

An image with the label and page links circled and arrows pointing to them.

  • Click the radio button to the left of either 'Label' or 'Page' and then click 'Add.'
  • For demonstration purposes, we are using a Page.

3.) Click the Kaltura Media button

An image with the Kaltura Media button circled.

  • Note: You may have to click the first button next to 'Label text' to expand the rows to see the Kaltura Media button.

4.) This will bring up files already uploaded to your 'My Media' files - if you see the video you want to add, click the 'Select' button next to that video; if you need to upload a new video, click 'Add New' and select 'Media Upload'

An image with the media upload option circled.

  • Note: If you have already uploaded files, they will display automatically.

5.) Click 'Choose a file to upload' and select the file you want to upload

An image of the choose a file to upload option.

6.) After the file has finished uploading, fill out the form, click 'Save' and then click 'Back to Browse and Embed'

An image with the title labeled 1; the description labeled 2; the tags labeled 3; and the save button circled.

  1. Enter a title for your video.
  2. Enter a description for your video.
  3. Enter any tags you wants associated with your video.

7.) After clicking 'Back to Browse and Embed' click 'Select'

An image with an arrow pointing to the select button.

8.) You will be shown a preview of your video - click 'Embed'

An image with the embed button circled.

9.) Click 'Save and return to course'

An image with the save and return to course button circled.

Congratulations! You have successfully uploaded a video file to Moodle using Kaltura!


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