Moodle Bug Work Around - Grades Do Not Push to Gradebook when Using Grading Guides or Rubrics

Moodle Core currently has a bug with releasing grades to the gradebook when using grading guides or rubrics. This documentation will provide a work around to release the grades.

1.) Enter your course gradebook and click 'Turn editing on'

An image showing a sample grader report, with the turn editing on button circled.

2.) Locate the assignment name (1) in your gradebook and controls row (2) then toggle the lock to on and then off

An image of the grader report, with the assignment number labeled as 1, the controls row labeled as 2, and the lock button circled.

3.) Click 'Turn editing off'

An image showing the location of the turn editing off button, which is circled.

You should now see that your grades have released to the grade book.


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