Add a H5P activity into your Moodle course

H5P is an interactive tool available in Elon's Moodle installation. Instructors have the ability to create H5P interactive content within their Moodle course or on the H5P website. Examples of H5P content can be found in Elon's H5P Resource Library.

1.) In the top-left side of the header, click the green pencil icon to turn editing on

Select "turn editing on" under the gear icon

2.) Click the 'Add an activity or resource' link in the section of your Moodle course where you would like to build the H5P activity

Image of where to select add an activity or resource

3.) In the Activity Chooser, select 'H5P'

he activity chooser with the "H5P" option circled

4.) In the 'Adding a new H5P' section, you will see the section 'Package File'. You may click in the 'Add/Drop' area to add a H5P file already created or click 'content bank' to create a new file.

The package file section screen


5.) If you are creating new content, you will click the 'Add' button. 

The add dropdown circled

6.) Once you have created your H5P content, add the file in the 'Package File' section. Don't forget to add a name for the H5P activity under 'General'. 

The Name field circled

7.) Set the Grade

The "Grades" category expanded with options below

  • Even if you set the maximum grade to 0, the activity will create a column in the course gradebook. You can manually hide that column from students. 

8.) Then, scroll to the bottom and click 'Save and Display'

  • Your H5P interactive content has now been added to your Moodle course. It’s a good idea to test it by clicking on the link and navigating through the activity to verify it’s working as you expect.  



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