Wireless Guest Account Creation - Internal


Wireless Access may be requested for any faculty-/staff-sponsored guest of the university.

  1. This account must be requested by Elon University staff or faculty on behalf of an official University guest.
  2. This account permits access to the elonu-guest wireless network only. This account does not provide access to any Elon computers.
  3. If a requestor needs a guest account for a user under the age of 16, they must complete the Parental Consent Form for each user under the age of 16. The requestor/host must retain the consent forms for their own records.
    1. By requesting these account(s), the requestor/host accepts responsibility for the actions of the hosted guest(s), including users under the age of 16.
  4. Requests submitted during normal business hours will be promptly processed.

To Create a Guest Account

  1. Open a browser and go to: http://wirelessguest.elon.edu. You will be presented with a login screen.
  2. Enter the Username as helpdesknac along with the password.
  3. Select "Create Guest Account" (on the left).
  4. Enter the guest's First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Account Start Date, and Account End Date. Upon submission, an account will be created.
    1. Username
      1. If you are creating a group account, you may create a unique username using the First Name and Last Name fields. You should use the Elon requestor/host's email address along with the appropriate account Start and Account End date.
        1. Ex. First Name: spdc Last Name: event. The username will be spdcevent.
      2. Always doublecheck the username once you create it. The system will add additional symbols, etc. if the First and Last Names do not add up to at least eight letters. If this happens, you should suspend the account you created and create a new one to adjust the First and Last Names.
    2. Start/End Dates
      1. The Start Date should be at least two days in advance of when the account should become active, and the End Date should be one day later than when the account should become inactive.
        1. Ex. If an event will take place 10/1 through 10/7, set the Start Date to 9/29 and the End Date to 10/8.
      2. If you want the account to become active immediately, you shouldn't change the Account Start Date; you will only need to change the Account End Date.
  5. In order to change the password, you must visit https://wirelessguest.elon.edu/password.html.
    1. You must wait for the account to become Active before you can change the password. You will also need to copy the password that the system creates in order to change the password successfully. Typically, we will reset the password to EventYEAR!
      1. Ex. Event2019!
  6. Send an email to the Elon host providing them with the wireless network, username, and password information.


    I have created the wireless guest account that may be used to log into the elonu-guest on the non elon-owned devices. Please keep in mind that the password is case sensitive.

    Wireless Network: elonu-guest

    Username: expoevent

    Password: Event2019!

    This account will become active on 10/1. If you run into any issues accessing the elonu-guest wireless network, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 336.278.5200.

  7. If the password is requested more than two weeks in advance, you will need to set the appropriate Start Date and End Date. You will also need to create an Outlook meeting to remind yourself, Whitley, and Michelle to change the password once the account becomes active on the Start Date.


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