Anatomy of a Team

Each team has three distinct parts:

1.) The team


  • The team is a group you belong to, as well as the work that group does together. This could include a college, school, department, unit, project team, search committee, or other collection of people working toward a shared goal. 

2.) Channels within the team


  • Channels are the digital office space of your team. Like physical office space, each channel can be arranged differently depending on the type of work you’re doing and your team’s needs. Standard channels are available to everyone, while private channels are only available to that channel’s members. If you form a sub-group of people in an existing team, create a private channel instead of an entirely new team.

3.) Tabs within each channel


  • Tabs are like the equipment you add to the digital office space of each Channel. Tabs in Teams are dedicated tools members of your team can collaboratively use. Each Channel comes with at least two tabs by default: Posts (threaded group chat) and Files (a file storage area connected to OneDrive), but additional collaborative tools can be added. 
A useful metaphor for new Teams users has been to think of the team as a campus building, the channels as the rooms within that building (each built for a different purpose), and tabs as the equipment in each room that enables different types of work. 

Quick Video Tutorial

View a short description and breakdown of a team in Microsoft Teams. View more videos in the Microsoft Teams playlist here. 


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