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Advice for resolving the "Scratch Disk is Full" error in Photoshop.
Install the AnyConnect client for VPN access on Windows and Mac devices.
Login and support information for Qualtrics.
Provides drivers for the student print stations.
The multi-factor authentication method (MFA), Duo Security, for logging into some web applications, offers step-by-step guide details to help you self-enroll to use the service.
Information and adding and configuring devices to the elonu-connect wireless network.
Guidance for how to install student print drivers to devices.
Locations of student print locations.
Information about OnTrack availability.
Time entry for student staff. Includes accessing your time sheet, choosing a time sheet, entering time, and signing/submitting your time sheet.
Online web access email FAQ.
Links to help you get started using Zoom.
Outlines how to upgrade to or install Office 2016.
Overview of access and tutorials for Mathematica.
Install the Adobe Creative Cloud application.
Export your class schedule via OnTrack.
A guide to help Elon students living in campus residence halls connect to Philo Edu for live TV services and premium content.
Information about monthly leave entry, including links to relevant knowledge base articles.
Print a test page on a Mac device.
Instructions for enrolling in multi-factor authentication using Duo Security.
Process of installing faculty & staff print drivers.
Outlines how to extend test time or availability of a quiz for a student in Moodle.
Outlines how to add a video to Moodle using Kaltura.
Instructions for using the AppsAnywhere software.
Discusses Elon's Password Maintenance Site used for your Elon account (wireless, email, Moodle, web services, etc.).