Mass Email Lists for Faculty & Staff


Descriptions of the different categories of facstaff email communication.


Elon University maintains three different email lists to facilitate faculty and staff communications. All communications must follow Elon's Electronic Communication Policy.

Email List Configurations

  • For current faculty and staff, who are automatically subscribed and cannot opt out of this list
  • Provides key messages related to employment, safety or general campus operations
  • A small number of senior administrators may send messages to this list
  • There is no “reply-all” functionality

  • For current and retired faculty and staff, who are automatically subscribed and cannot opt out of this list
  • Provides messages related to campus resources, events, athletics, cultural and special programs, centers, enrichment opportunities, community-building announcements and the ThisWeek@Elon newsletter
  • Select academic and administrative program coordinators may send to this list
    • Permissions are managed by Information Technology.
    • If you wish to have permission to send to this list, please submit a written request to Christopher Waters, Associate Vice President for Information Technology, at
  • There is no “reply-all” functionality

  • A fully featured email list for current and retired faculty and staff
  • Provides a forum for any employee of the university to post messages, create discussions, reply to all and communicate information not covered in and
  • Faculty, staff and retirees will not be automatically subscribed; they must subscribe to this list and may join or leave the list whenever they choose. Details are at:
  • Messages may be received as they are sent or in a daily digest form (coming soon)

The three email lists complement the Today at Elon news and information website, which allows all students, faculty and staff to contribute content and share information



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