Moodle Accessibility Checker - Review the Error List Report and Other Report Types


This article discusses how to review the error list report and other report types after installing and running the accessibility checker in your Moodle course.


How to review the error list report and other report types after installing and running the accessibility checker in your Moodle course:

After running the accessibility checker, Moodle will display the accessibility error list in the Accessibility review block, which you can find in the block drawer of your Moodle course.

The number of errors of each type is displayed within the chart. To view the list of errors in more detail, click the center icon at the bottom of the block.

The screenshot displays a list of different types of content and their corresponding number of accessibility errors.

The detailed error list contains direct links making it easy to navigate to the location of each error and fix them. To fix an error, note the error type and its location (line) and click the “Edit” button at the end of the column. This will take you directly to the page with the error.

A screenshot of the detailed error report in the Moodle accessibility checker block.

To fix the error, you may need to edit the HTML code itself. To open the HTML editor, click the HTML bracket icon on the Moodle text editor. Find the line of code where the error exists and make the appropriate fix.

A screenshot of the Moodle text editor with the HTML brackets icon circled.

You will need to complete this step for each accessibility error in your course. Please note that the accessibility checker runs every five minutes, so the error list may not update right away.

Additional reports are available for a more detailed overview of where errors exist within your Moodle course.

  • Activity breakdown: The activity breakdown chart page displays the ratio of passed to failed instances in total, per activity, such as assignment, course, label etc.
  • Content types: The content type chart page displays the error breakdown per content type group: Image, Layout, Link, Media, Table, and Text.
  • Summary report: This report gives an overview of the top accessibility errors within a course, a summary of failed activities, activity pass ratio, and details on the first 50 errors.



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