Fax with the RightFax System Tray Icon on a Windows Device


Discusses configuring the RightFax client as well as sending a quick fax.


Please follow these instructions for configuring the RightFax System Tray icon and sending faxes with the tool.

1.) Navigate to the RightFax System Tray icon

This image has an arrow pointing to the RightFax tray icon.

  • Click the fax machine icon (hovering the mouse over this icon you will see 'RightFax').

2.) Click 'Configuration...'

This image has the configuration option circled if you need to configure RightFax.

3.) In the Fax Server Name, replace the entry with 'rightfax.elon.edu' and click OK

This image has an arrow pointing to the field for Fax Server Name where you should enter rightfax.elon.edu

4.) You may now send faxes as normal by clicking the RightFax System Tray icon again and selecting 'QuickFax/Broadcast...'

This image has the Quick Fax/Broadcast option circled for this step.

5.) Fill out the appropriate information in the dialogue box and click 'Send'

This is the image of a fax form to fill out using the steps outlined in this process.



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