Copy for Students


Overview of capabilities for students when copying on campus.


Follow these instructions to make copies at student print stations.

While faculty and staff may use student print stations for printing or scan/send, they are unable to copy. Students may perform all three actions from these devices.

How to copy

1.) Select 'Copy' from the Home Screen

This is what the copy screen looks like on a Canon printer.

  • This will bring you to the 'Copy' main screen.

2.) Place Papers in the Copy Tray or Open the Copy Plate, then select the Green 'Start' button on the Keypad

  • Congratulations! Your copies are ready to be made!
Want to change the settings or options for copying? View the appropriate section below. Copy Settings are the buttons that are displayed under Step 1 (above). Tapping the 'Options' button will reveal a variety of Copy Options outlined below.

Copy Settings

1.) If you want to change the Color Settings, Select the 'Auto (Color/B&W)' option

This image shows how to change the color/b&w settings when copying.

  • This allows users to change color options. Once changed, select 'OK.'

2.) If you are printing multiple pages and would like to change the order, select the 'Finishing' option

This is an image of the Finishing screen when copying.

  • Once changed, select 'OK.'

3.) If you would like to change the option for 2-Sided copies, select '2-Sided' under the main menu

This is an image of the 2-sided copy screen.

  • Once changed, select 'OK.'

Copy 'Options'

On the main Copy menu, you will see an 'options' button. Once selected, you will have the ability to change things listed on these four screens. To navigate the 'Options' menu, click the "^" or "v" buttons at the bottom right of the screen.

This is an image of the variety of options available when copying.

This is the second screen of options when copying.

This is the third screen of options when copying.

This is the fourth screen of options when copying.



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